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Security Guard Services

Customized Security Guard Services Sacramento

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At Airborne Security Patrol Inc. our goal is to arrange a customized security program that fits your specific needs and budget.  We use only highly trained security professionals and are available to respond 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
Armed and Unarmed Security Guards – The presence of a uniformed security guard will help protect your property and assets and is a deterrent to theft, vandalism and loitering.  Located in Sacramento, Calif., Airborne Security Patrol Inc. offers both armed security guards and unarmed security guards to meet each client’s individual needs.
Standing Security Guards/Foot Patrol – A standing security guard performing a foot patrol of your site, business or property provides a visible “security” presence.  This visible security presence will help reduce criminal activity.  Airborne Security Patrol Inc. will design a customized security plan for you.
Security Guard with Patrol Vehicle – A site, business or property that requires a higher degree of “security” visibility, or a larger area of patrol, may need a security guard with a patrol vehicle.   A skilled security guard will patrol in a marked Airborne Security Patrol Inc. vehicle with an amber rotating beacon light.  The security guard with a patrol vehicle will also perform other tasks as required by each individual client.
Drive-by Patrols (performed by a supervisor in a marked car) – Random drive-by patrol services are used to deter property loss and vandalism, and are performed by a supervisor in a marked Airborne Security Patrol Inc. vehicle. Drive-by patrols are generally performed several times per night at random intervals (without a pattern).  Doors, windows, fence lines, vehicles, etc. are checked as specified by the client. Drive-by patrols can be effective in checking a property or business for theft or vandalism, and help to minimize costs when a standing guard is not in the budget.  
Building Lock/Unlock Services – A supervisor in an Airborne Security Patrol Inc. vehicle can perform building lock up or unlock services.  During these lock up or unlocks, the supervisor will ensure that the building is safely locked up for the night or opened up in the morning.  This service is commonly used in office  buildings so that suites are not left open or the common area is not left open throughout the night to thieves, vandals or the homeless.  Our highly trained patrol supervisors will ensure that your property remains secure throughout the night.
Emergency Response Airborne Security Patrol Inc. offers 24-hours, seven days a week response to secure your property in an emergency.  If your business or property has a fire, has been broken into, etc. and needs to be secured, we will promptly respond and provide a security guard as needed.
Alarm Response - As your alarm company’s first contact, we promptly respond to the alarm calls. An Airborne Security Patrol Inc. patrol supervisor will respond to the alarm, check out the premise and notify the police or owner as needed.  Police agencies are sometimes too busy or unable to respond to business alarms and are charging for the response.  Our alarm response service is more cost-effective; especially for false alarms. Airborne Security Patrol Inc. also provides “Fire Watch” services to secure a property when fire alarms are not working and “security” is mandated by the Fire Department.  
Special Event Security – Many facilities and venues are requiring security guard presence during events, weddings, parties, picnics, etc.  With over 20 years in security, we have worked a vast variety of special events. Airborne Security Patrol Inc. will ensure that your event is assigned professional and experienced security guards so that your special event is worry free.

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