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Trusted Foot Patrol in Sacramento, California

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Standing Security Guards/Foot Patrol – A standing security guard performing a foot patrol of your site, business or property provides a visible “security” presence.  This visible security presence will help reduce criminal activity.  Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. will design a customized security plan for you.
Security Guard with Patrol Vehicle – A site, business or property that requires a higher degree of “security” visibility, or a larger area of patrol, may need a security guard with a patrol vehicle.   A skilled security guard will patrol in a marked Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. vehicle with an amber rotating beacon light.  The security guard with a patrol vehicle will also perform other tasks as required by each individual client.

What Is Foot Patrol?

A foot patrol consists of standing security guards who come fully licensed, uniformed and prepared to identify potential threats in and around your location. Most foot patrol officers stand at the primary entrance of your site, but if you prefer, our foot patrol can roam around and keep an eye on multiple areas.

Why Hire a Foot Patrol Officer?

Foot patrols, or standing guards, are very beneficial to locations prone to criminal activity. When people notice that an armed officer is surveying your property at all times, they feel less confident in their abilities to successfully carry out a crime.
Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. provides a strong, visible security presence to cover large areas and effectively reduce possible threats. When you prevent crime, you’re not only saving yourself losses but you also lessen your risk of having expensive liabilities on your hands. Once you choose to work with us, you can customize the details of your security plan to best benefit your location.

Reduce Crime on Your Property

Our experienced guards are available to patrol a variety of different settings. Most commonly, our security professionals secure retail storefronts, apartment complexes, gated communities, government offices, construction sites and clubs. If you could benefit from having extra security measures in your neighborhood or commercial site, speak to one of our representatives.

Secure Your Premises

Whatever your reason for hiring our trained foot patrol officers, you can trust us to keep your property, residents or employees safer. Give us a call today to develop a specially tailored security plan according to your needs. We’ll work with your budget to come up with a solution that satisfies your requirements without breaking the bank.