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Emergency Alarm Response in Sacramento, California

Emergency Alarm Response

Rapid Response Time

Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. offers 24-hour, 7 days a week response to secure your property in an emergency. If your business or property has a fire, has been broken into, etc. and needs to be secured, we will promptly respond and provide a security guard as needed.
As your alarm company’s first contact, we promptly respond to the alarm calls. An Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. patrol supervisor will respond to the alarm, check out the premise and notify the police or owner as needed. Police agencies are sometimes too busy or unable to respond to business alarms and are charging for the response. Our alarm response service is more cost-effective; especially for false alarms. Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. also provides “Fire Watch” services to secure a property when fire alarms are not working and “security” is mandated by the Fire Department.
Local law enforcement agencies have a lot on their plate and are frequently short-staffed. They can’t always give high priority to alarm calls due to larger-scale crimes, budget cuts and lack of resources. After calling the police, you might end up waiting an hour or more for an officer to show up. Fortunately, Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. provides an affordable solution to this problem.

Post-Activation Procedure

Our professional security guards are fully prepared to respond to your alarm call. We serve not only as visual crime deterrents but also as mobile response officers beyond a fixed location.
When your security alarm is activated, we’ll be to your location promptly to investigate the area and issue a written notification to the person indicated as the activation contact. We forward legitimate alarm activations to the police department for further action and call the designated person of contact.

Take Preventative Measures

As a business and homeowner, having an alarm system is a great preventative measure, but who responds when the alarm sounds? The police are of great importance after the fact, but when you need immediate preventative measures, rely on Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. We’re here to respond to all your alarms in Sacramento. Call us today for fast and reliable security services.