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Attentive Drive-By Patrol in Sacramento, California

Security patrol by car

The Purpose of a Drive-By Patrol

Drive-by Patrols (performed by a supervisor in a marked car) – Random drive-by patrol services are used to deter property loss and vandalism, and are performed by a supervisor in a marked Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. vehicle. Drive-by patrols are generally performed several times per night at random intervals (without a pattern).  Doors, windows, fence lines, vehicles, etc. are checked as specified by the client. Drive-by patrols can be effective in checking a property or business for theft or vandalism, and help to minimize costs when a standing guard is not in the budget. 
The purpose of this type of security patrol is to ensure that no unauthorized persons are trespassing on private property. Our goal is to prevent property loss and vandalism after dark. At Airborne Security Patrol, Inc., our officers observe all access points such as doors, gates and windows to make sure they are all secure.
In the event that something is out of the ordinary, we report the conditions found at your location to you and the police. We even have a specialized guard force to respond to alarm signals.

Immediate, Professional Response

When our officers find something out of sorts, they react quickly, professionally and in accordance with proper procedures. Our professional officers are trained and ready for many different types of situations. We do everything we can to control the situation appropriately until law enforcement arrives.

Properly Marked Patrol Cars

Part of what makes our drive-by services so effective is the high-visibility of our patrol vehicles driven by professionally-dressed and -uniformed patrol officers. Each car is marked with light-reflective decals and a light bar. The mere presence of a patrol car has shown to lessen threats significantly in residential and commercial areas.

The Place for a Patrol Car

Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. performs security tasks for many different client types. We’re happy to provide you with an enhanced security presence whether for residential gated communities, construction sites, commercial properties or other similar settings.

Create a Custom Security Plan

Building Lock/Unlock Services – A supervisor in an Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. vehicle can perform building lock up or unlock services.  During these lock up or unlocks, the supervisor will ensure that the building is safely locked up for the night or opened up in the morning.  This service is commonly used in office buildings so that suites are not left open or the common area is not left open throughout the night to thieves, vandals or the homeless.  Our highly-trained patrol supervisors will ensure that your property remains secure throughout the night.
We are proud of our reputation for enhancing the safety of neighborhoods and commercial sites in the Sacramento community. The vigilance of our officers combined with our custom security solutions make for the perfect way to protect employees, guests and more. Whether you need continual roaming or occasional patrol, we can provide the right services according to your needs and budget. Call us today to create a plan with us.