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Why You Should Hire Security For Your Small-Town Parade

Living in a small town has many perks: while crime rates are relatively consistent between small towns and larger cities, the lesser population means, essentially, that there is less crime to worry about (burglary being among the largest concerns across the nation). That said, you can never be too safe, particularly when you are throwing a large event where much of the community will be in attendance.

You look forward to your small-town parade every year, and you want the event to be a memorable and safe success. Hiring security for the event, in addition to having police patrol, is a wise precaution to take. Here are just a few reasons why.

Security Lowers Chances of Mischief

Most people will likely be viewing the parade to enjoy the festivities, but large crowds and bustling activity can make mischief a temptation for children or opportunity-driven thieves. Security posted at various intervals of the parade route will help deter any foul play.

Security guards are trained to watch their posts with skilled eyes, able to spot and halt trouble before it starts. While local police work to control human and vehicle traffic and maintain the parade route safely hired security can remain posted to watch out for potential danger.

Security Offers Added Safety

Many security guards are trained in basic CPR and other emergency medical skills. If someone were to fall from a float, an animal get out of hand, or a child runs out into the parade route, a security guard could quickly become involved and assist in a minor injury.

Security personnel also can help guide people to appropriate standing areas and help in crowd control, which limits panic and confusion and leads to a safer, more enjoyable event. Speak to a security company about hiring standing personnel as well as patrol cars to ensure your parade is protected from loading floats to managing crowds as they exit.

Security Provides Peace of Mind

If crime is a concern in your small town, people may be fearful of attending a large event that can attract all manners of people. Security will wear appropriate clothing and have self-defense weaponry at the ready to show the crowd that they are fully protected.

Peace of mind at your large event can help create calm and organization among your community as the parade unfolds. You can request some security personnel to be in plain clothes as they patrol the parade premises if you prefer, although standard protocol is to wear an official uniform.

Security Fills in Where Police Cannot

Your small town may also have a small police force, which means less protection for your venue. After all, your local police department will still need to have personnel available to answer your town's emergencies and watch out for local crime.

If your local police force is unable to provide enough staff to make your parade venue as safe as possible, added security will need to be brought on. The security company you hire can provide the number of security guards you need and assign different tasks to each person, so you have the foot and vehicle patrol you need.
Speak to your local police department to see how much security you will need to add to your small-town parade. Your security company will be able to provide experienced security guards for your event, so you have the protection you are lacking.

Your small-town parade can be a large success with the right security. Our team of expert security personnel can assist you in your town's events from parades to charity events. Contact us at Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. to reserve security service for your community activity.



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