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3 Types of Security You Can Hire for Your Busy Pawn Shop

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Operating a pawn shop, especially a lucrative one, brings in all kinds of business and individuals looking to buy or sell items in your store. A small amount of robberies happen in establishments that either have a lot of money or are open into the late evening (such as banks or gas stations), and your pawn shop likely falls into one or both of these categories.
Hiring security for your pawn shop does many things: it helps your customers and staff feel safer, assists in managing crowds and helps keep would-be thieves at bay. Having security staff may also help prevent individuals with stolen property from trying to pawn items at your location, which protects your business and helps ensure legal sales.
There are many ways you can use security to protect your pawn shop business. Here are three types of security you can consider for your busy establishment.

Drive-By Security

Drive-by security is a type of security you can hire during opening and closing hours of your pawn shop. This type of security involves a trained security personnel and a marked security car for the sole purpose of patrolling your parking lot and entrance areas. This type of security measure is preventative as people may be less likely to cause a scene inside your pawn shop or steal when they know security can bust them at any time.

Armed Security

Armed security may be a type of security you want for your pawn shop if you regularly deal in selling and buying jewelry, firearms and other expensive items. This highly visible security is especially beneficial if you do much of your dealings in cash.
With armed security on staff during business hours, you can feel safer making large transactions. You can also have armed security escort you and your staff members to your vehicles after closing hours or use armed security to assist you in making bank drops or deposits.
You can also request unarmed security to stand behind counters or watch rear and front entries. Security personnel are trained to spot foul activity and know to react positively in urgent situations. Many security guards also know how to administer first aid in case someone gets injured during an altercation or accident.

Foot Patrol

Foot patrol security is the type of protection where a person keeps watch of the goings on of your property and strolls the interior and exterior parts of your building throughout the day. You can request foot patrol security to be dressed in traditional clothing so they blend in or have them be outfitted in full security gear. The main purpose of foot patrol security is to simply watch customer and pedestrian activity in and around your business.
You will be alerted of suspicions of danger, theft or other activity happening in your pawn shop. Based on the agreement you make with your security company, a security guard will either take action and remove offending individuals from the premises, retain them so police can be involved or simply make you aware of what is happening in your pawn shop.
It's wise to have some type of security near your business during off hours. You can discuss your security needs with your security company to help determine the type of protection you need, how many people should be hired to watch your business and what hours they need to be present.
Proper security protects your business, staff and customers. Our team of security experts at Airborne Security Patrol, Inc. are able to protect any kind of special event or business. Allow us to help you feel safe and in control when operating your pawn shop.



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